Dessert, Indian

Rice Kheer Recipe

Prepration Time: 10
Cook Time: 20
Total Time: 30

Ingredients Required
Saffron 4 strands
Risins 10 nos
Cashew 8 nos
Almode 5 nos
Cardamom 5 nos
Sugar 7 tablespoon
Basmati rice 150gm
Milk 2 litre

Soack the rice for 30 minutes in water
Blanch the almode by keeping 30 minutes in hot water
Boil the milk and add rice
Stir and simmer the milk in low flame heat, rice cook well
Add sugar, raisins, cashew, saffron and cardamom
Cook continue, rice grains cooked well and kheer become thicker
Ready for serve in hot or after cooling.

Nutrition Facts